Paddle Boards and Inflatables

We’re here to help you make the most informed decisions regarding the Bixpy WillFit™ Adapters you need to motorize your Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) and Inflatable watercraft. Below is a table that will help you easily match common fin boxes to the adapters that we offer for our Bixpy Jets.

Installing the Bixpy adapter will be identical to the installation of your regular center fin. To learn more about each adapter, click on the adapter picture to be lead to the adapters information page. If in doubt, send a picture of your fin and fin box to, or text the picture to our support line at (619) 752-4979 for our team to identify the right adapter for you. Regarding Slide & Lock fin boxes, slight alterations to the adapter may be required for rounded fin boxes present on various watercraft such as BOTE boards/inflatables.

Fin BoxYour Fin BoxYour Adapter
US Fin BoxDoes it work with my board? - Boost Surfing Help Center Paddleboard WillFit™ Adapter - US Fin Box Paddleboard WillFit™ Adapter – US Fin Box
Slide & Lock Fin BoxCENTER FIN, PVC Detachable Removable Stand Up Paddle Board Center Fins -  $18.58 | PicClick Paddleboard WillFit™ Adapter - Slide & Lock Fin Paddleboard WillFit™ Adapter – Slide & Lock Fin
Flip & Lock Fin BoxThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-1.pngPaddleboard WillFit™ Adapter - Flip & Lock Fin Paddleboard WillFit™ Adapter – Flip & Lock Fin
No Fin BoxNo Problem!

Our Inflatables WillFit™ Adapter is perfect for you.
Inflatables - WillFit™ Adapter Inflatables – WillFit™ Adapter

No Fin Box? No Problem!

For inflatables that don’t have a fin box, you can glue the provided flexible fin plate to the bottom of your vessel using PVC or urethane adhesive glue for attachment to the Bixpy J-1 PowerShroud™ Motor.

Check out an installation video for a walkthrough of the installation here:

We provide as much content we can on all installation, but as a quickly growing company, we can not always keep up with the hundreds of Bixpy users out there doing amazing things.  So we always do our best to promote all good installs for everyone to use and share and we REALLY encourage you to share your installs with us and the Bixpy community on Facebook and Instagram!

Please understand that we will do our best to help you with your projects, but it is impossible for us to walk everyone through installs remotely.  We encourage you to visit your local surf or board shop to get help with installs. 

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